Dear Fans,

We just finished recording 13 songs and really hope to get them out to soon, but we need your help!  We've been working very hard lately on writing and recording and almost finished with our first full-length album.  The band has shifted in some of the best ways possible.  We've made our faster songs faster, our slower songs slower, and our grooves groovier.  We're INCREDIBLY excited about this music and can't wait for you to hear it.  We would love to keep you in the loop and tell you all that we've done and all that we're planning to do (and need your help doing).

Here's what we've done:

We've written some really great tunes for anyone that likes to sing, dance, cry, breathe, feel, laugh, scream, run, skip, and play.
We've recorded all the tracks for these songs (which took us a rather long, but fun-filled time).
We've been booking shows to kick off this new feel and approach to music (which will all be posted soon).
We've met some awesome people along the way (some of which we can now call "friends").
We've drank a copious amount of coffee and Red Bull (or at least some of us have).

Here's what we still have do to:

We still have to edit the music.
We still have to mix the music.
We still have to master the music.
We still have to produce the music so you can download it, buy it, or use it as a really harmonious coaster.
We still have to beg you to help us raise the money to do all these things.

That being said, we're currently working on a Kickstarter campaign and would love for you to keep checking in so that you can possibly help us out (or at least learn something about us and possibly have a good laugh at our expense).  Thank you for all you've done so far!