We realize we've been absent for some time now, and for that we apologize.  Life has seemed to get in the way of some of the more enjoyable things (such as the music, camaraderie, and debauchery) that this band exemplifies.  Alas, while we may not have been posting blogs, updates, or shows, we have been busy.  We've worked up a great deal of new tunes which we're all incredibly excited about.  We've also been working on the details of how to get these new songs recorded.  While it's been a bit stressful at times, we're proud to announce that we've signed a contract with a rather awesome and amazing studio in Asheville, NC.  We'll be recording the new album in November, so please stay tuned and prepare for some of the best eargasms of your life. 

We've missed you, and hopefully you've missed us.  Prepare for some great times and tunes over the next few months.  We'll see you soon.